St. Bernardin Historical and Cultural Society

St. Bernardin Historical and Cultural Society is a non-profit organization founded in 2010 to organize the centennial’s festivities.


Our mission is to enhance the community’s cultural life by hosting social, arts and heritage related activities; archiving historical material; preserving and promoting natural and built heritage.


Accomplishments of the Society


We hosted a Wine and Cheese Evening, a live theatre performance and organized a promotional clothing sales drive.



We applied for and received grants to buy chairs and build a display case for the community centre; funds for St. Jean Baptiste Celebrations and other centennial activities.


Centennial Book

We produced a 480-pages reference book relating 100 years of history. The book is still available and sold by the parish.


The Big Reunion

We hosted a weekend-long reunion in May 2012 featuring historical exhibits, book launch, guided tours, sports activities and concerts.


Thank You Evening

Pizza Night to thank the whole community in April 2015.


Collaboration with other community groups

We partner with other groups to organize activities such as the Winter Carnival, Poker Run, etc.


Members of the Board of Directors (2022-2023)

Julie Leroux, Mario Lalonde, Martine St-Onge, Alain Levac, Carmen Lalonde, Evelyn Levac