Welcome to St-Bernardin

Welcome to St-Bernardin, a community of friendly people located in Eastern Ontario, Canada.

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Get a team together and play Pickleball!

Racquette et balle de pickleball

Fall 2020 Session

Fun and easy sport - accessible to all age groups and fitness levels. On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays (afternoon or evening) at the Caledonia Community Centre.

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Don't picnic under the gazebo anymore!

Soirée Paint Night

September 8, 2020

This morning, The Nation Municipality demolished our community gazebo.

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Have your say on municipal ward boundaries


Before September 28, 2020

On September 28, council members will vote on changes to municipal ward boundaries. See the proposed options on the maps below. 

Review of Ward Boundaries

Council members have undertaken a review of ward boundaries. They were supported by consultants, who held public consultations and produced a report. Check the municipality's website for more information on the review process and for a copy of the report.


According to the municipality's website, council members will vote on one of the two proposed options presented in the maps below during the September 28, 2020 council meeting. Both options will modify Ward 1 and St-Isidore boundaries. Have your say on your favourite option by contacting council members directly.

Option 1 with 4 wards

This option keeps the actual 4-wards system, but changes some of the boundaries. The size of Ward 1 is reduced, compared to its actual size. The villages of St-Bernardin, Fournier and Riceville are kept within, as well as concessions 1 to 11. The village of St-Isidore would now be included in Ward 1.


Increase the size of the map by clicking on it. This map is on page 38 of the report.

Option 2 with 6 wards

This option adds 2 wards in the western part of the municipality (Limoges) and reduces considerably the size of Ward 1, which would now include the villages of St-Bernardin and Fournier, and the concessions 1 to 11.


Increase the size of the map by clicking on it. This map is on page 42 of the report.


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Catholic Parish

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